Interview: Mark Jaffe, Denver Post. 2/21/13

Three weeks ago I conducted two interviews, one with Mark Jaffe of the Denver Post and another with a local geologist who works for a few Weld County oil companies. Unfortunately I am just now getting to publish the results, the following was not recorded due to technical error but notes are used to derive these conclusions:

Mark Jaffe, with the Denver Post, has been covering hydraulic fracturing related stories since about 2009. He is an energy writer for the business department of the paper and covers both sides of the story as an attempt to gain both viewpoints. He believes that the debate over fracking is often mislabeled and misunderstood. Generally water threats derive from contamination of a bad well complications, but seismic threats should also be addressed.
Jaffe believes that the oil companies looks to solve their own problems prior to actually concerns for public health. The conversion to nitrogen gas in dry fracking was specifically made, therefore, as a way to avoid burning or explosions within the earth.
He also notes that the supply and demand of gas runs the country toward fracking. Until gas prices rise from the lack of supply available, value in the product remains steady. Once the value increases there will be a forced shift to driving less or switching to more efficient cars. This demand could lead us into other energy opportunities or push us to extracting more and more, placing us in an “economic dance”.
Jaffe believes Hickenlooper’s push for state control, over federal, will provide a more community friendly outlook on oil regulation. The Governor fights for state regulation because the regulations from state to state already vary and make it impersonal to the federal regulators, also influencing uneven baseline and accountability on each company. The control by Colorado over their own oil production would result in a better understanding of the issues at hand.

Stay tuned for the results of the geologist interview with clips of the recording.


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