Fracking meeting 4/5

Just taking this opportunity to thank those who showed up on Friday (4/5) for the recap of whats been posted to this blog. For those of you that will continue reading this, future ambitions look toward interviews with those who were there. The involvment within the community is asstounding and was so amazing to hear what everyone has been up to in response to Greeley being taken over by oil. One, provided a copy of his lease which goes through Minerals Reseource Inc. (same company taking over UNC land rights).

I had promised to post an article relating to recent news on links between seismec activity and drilling in Texas. While no severe damage has been caused yet, Texas has experienced a 4.0 quake and worries about the quakes hitting an oil reserve are growing. Though this is not the exact article I presented during the meeting, it covers the basic idea.

You can find it at:

If there was anything else I’ve neglected to post after the meeting, those who were there should feel free to let me know or post any questions regarding what was discussed!

Thank you again.


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