Interview with Community Memeber: Leader of Weld Water and Air

Last Friday, 4/19/2013, I was able to sit with community member (who would like to remain annoynomous) and discuss her own personal involvement with the fracking politics around town.

She has begun a community group concerned with environmental issues, called Weld Water and Air. She began this group after the startling news of Weld County and Greeley opposing the 1,500 foot set back from residencies, which would leave a 500 foot radius from homes and schools within the area. This group discusses ways which they can put in their two cents for environmental protection.

Their last meeting covered information from oil and gas expert Matt Sura. The meeting turned out 60 community members, the largest amount of people the group has seen. A majority of these community members have not signed their leases with Mineral Resource Inc., the predominate fracking company of neighborhoods surrounding UNC (also the same group set to frack UNC grounds).

If you’ve noticed the random yellow boxes all over town, these are seismic detectors which belong to this company. Things are slowly progressing.

Tonight, 04/22/2013, another meeting is scheduled with this group to discuss fracking issues over the Fox Run neighborhood around 59th ave. and 10th street. This group is looking to support this neighborhood who are against fracking around their area. This neighborhood is set to appeal against the process on May 7th at 6:30pm. Many are asked to write letters to the Greeley Tribune editor, among other helpful tasks. This meeting is scheduled to be held at 7:00pm tonight at the Immanuel Lutheran Church (1865 14th Ave. Greeley Colorado). It is open to the public, and anyone who can make it is asked to come. Enter at the small side door on the south side of the building.


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