And we’re back..

n_maddow_bblock_140425_video_512x342And we’re back.. for now.

So this blog has suffered a silence for the past year, for that I apologize. Yet, do not assume the same has fallen upon the oil companies.
But yesterday, what Rachel Maddow has aired on her MSNBC show, has caused such an uproar in my mind that I couldn’t shut up any longer…

The lovely Maddow has discovered a dark history of our country thanks to the Denver Post reporter Mark Jaffe, who was interviewed in this blog a few stories ago.
This history is one of scandal, of which would make Dick Chaney proud. This story belongs to the former President Warren G. Harding and his secretary of interior Albert B. Fall. Fall, in 1922 and 1923, conceived the brilliant idea to sell the oil preserves of the U.S. Navy near Casper, Wyoming in what was considered the Teapot Dome.
Because why keep something solely available to the men protecting your land at a decent rate when you can up that cost to them and the public by selling it in no-bid contacts to companies who will jack up that price and gain you millions? This is the arrogant greed of which our politicians thrive on.
This 9,500-acre field turned up about 28 million barrels of oil. Yet, in 1927 was shut down due to the “surprising” evidence that Fall had taken illegal bribes from these oil companies that received the leases.
Now, in 2014, the reserves are up for sale again to the highest bidder by the Meagher Energy Advisors who suggest there are still 300 million barrels of oil left and would make for a perfect case study of oil recovery.
Call me daft, but I don’t believe re-drilling an already disturbed area for testing oil recovery techniques is the most brilliant of ideas. No doubt, this oil will probably also become a part of our exports. No sense in lowering costs locally when you can profit from both local and international sales, eh?
You can find Mark Jaffe’s story here:
What is even more disturbing, as Maddow continues in her show, is that the U.S. now has plans to drill in the Artic regions. According to the National Geographic, 13% of the world’s undiscovered oil is contained there, 1/3 of which lies underneath U.S. territory.
But the National Research Council claims there are gaps in our understanding and preparedness for oil spills in a region so different then where we have drilled before. As if we were prepared to clean up any spill where we drilled before (reference to the Gulf Coast spill).
So what will Shell and like companies do to understand how best to respond? Spill oil… On purpose.
Great idea, if we are totally clueless how badly the oil spills could damage the region, why shouldn’t we just purposefully contaminate it? I’m waiting for the second they do this and are unable to clean any of it up. Though, of course, the reports will suggest all is well as they did in BP’s.
That Nat Geo story can be found here:
Rachel Maddow’s blog can also be found here:



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